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Finding accommodation in Amsterdam yourself is difficult and expensive. Therefore we recommend to reserve a room in one of our housing options. Even a dorm bed in a hostel will be more costly. Apply for a basic on-campus room at De Boelelaan, or enjoy a more luxurious stay at Hotel Jansen.

Located at just a 5-minute walk from the university campus and directly across Amsterdam’s business district ‘Zuidas’ lies De Boelelaan. Here you will enjoy a furnished private room, shared bathroom and shared kitchen with 5-7 other summer school students. Your private room will come furnished. Bed linen and kitchen utensils are provided. You can connect to the internet by purchasing or bringing your own router or by using internet cables. Please note that the bedrooms are not standardized and differ in size and layout. There are two showers, two toilets and one washer/dryer per floor. Laundry facilities are free. When you apply for this housing option, please keep in mind that it is necessary to arrive on Saturday during the official arrival hours as there is no reception available on Sunday. It is not possible to extend your stay at De Boelelaan should you want to add some extra days to your stay in Amsterdam. 

  • Private room
  • Shared bathroom and kitchen
  • Located next to the university
  • No additional nights possible, check-in only during official arrival hours!

€490 per session (14 nights, Saturday-Saturday)

There are no rooms available at De Boelelaan for Session 1 and 2. We are currently working on alternative options and will inform all applicants about this soon.


De Boelelaan Kitchen 

Hotel Jansen is located at a 10 minute bike-ride or 30 minute walk from the university. The boutique style student ‘hotel’ opened its doors recently, and warmly welcomes visitors from all parts of the globe. Hotel Jansen has an intimate set up so you will feel at home easily. The staff is very approachable and open to help you with anything you need. In restaurant Mama’s you can enjoy healthy dishes for affordable prices. The building consists of six floors, each with a unique design representing a different area of Amsterdam. You room is approximately 18m2, has a private bathroom, small fridge, a desk and a super comfortable bed, bed linen and kitchen utensils are included. A large ‘club room’ with kitchen and amenities is to be shared with the rest of your floor which, most likely, will be summer school friends. Often it is possible to extend your stay at Hotel Jansen with extra nights. Email to to find out the possibilities. 

  • Private room and bathroom, with small fridge
  • Shared kitchen
  • A bit further from the university, but closer to the city center - getting a bike is highly recommended!
  • Additional nights possible, enquire at:, or call +31 20 21 47147
  • €560 per session (14 nights, Saturday-Saturday)

There are no rooms available at Hotel Jansen for Session 2. We are currently working on alternative options and will inform all applicants about this soon.

Hotel Jansen 1

Hotel Jansen 2

Hotel Jansen 4

If you wish to extend your stay before or after attending the summer school, we recommend the following sites:

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