Minor Programmes

Delve into the subject matter

We encourage Semester in Amsterdam students to follow one of our Minor programmes rather than piecing together their own schedule. Minor programmes are set combinations of five related courses worth 30 ECTS total that span the fall semester. Minor programmes are not available in the spring semester. It's possible to only take the first four courses in a Minor programme in order to return home before Christmas.

Some Minor programmes are interdisciplinary and open to students from any background whereas others Minor programmes have entry requirements and are faculty-specific. It is possible to drop the fifth Minor course offered in the third period and return home after two periods, but then you will only receive 24 ECTS instead of the full 30 ECTS.

There are certain advantages to choosing a Minor programme:

  • Students gain specialized knowledge in the chosen field of study;
  • Students can immediately finalize their study plan, because courses within the Minor never conflict in the timetable meaning that once students are accepted to the Minor programme they are guaranteed to be able to follow all courses in the Minor;
  • Minors show a focused area of study, so you can list them on your CV;
  • Students will follow all of the Minor courses with the same Dutch and international students, thereby increasing the likelihood of cross-cultural contact.


All modules at VUMC will be preceeded by the same general course: Translational Sciences: From Bench to Bedside and Back (6 ECTS, 4 weeks). 

Semester in Amsterdam students who wish to apply need to have completed at least 90 ECTS in a relevant programme, for example: medicine, biomedicine, psychobiology, technical medicine, medical biology, or biopharmaceutical sciences. 

You can find more information here: https://med.vu.nl/en/Programs/International-minor-VUmc-Medical-Sciences/index.aspx