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Are you looking for Bachelor's degree programmes in Dutch? Make sure to read the application procedure carefully as it is different than the procedure for the English-taught programmes.

Receive information on specific programmes of your interest by email in a brochure.

In order to be eligible for admission to our Bachelor’s degree programmes, you will need to fulfill certain admission requirements. Please check if you (will) fulfill the following requirements before starting your application.

Before applying to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, please make sure you have consulted the Admission Requirements page and the programme entry requirements to check if you are eligible for admission. If you think you qualify, you can start your application with the help of our step-by-step application guide.


Once you have received an offer from our university, you will need to take some more steps to confirm your participation and complete your enrollment. Have a look at this step-by-step guide to see what happens after admission.
Most Bachelor's programmes use VU Matching. One aspect of the registration process is to check whether the programme really suits you. You can do this through VU Matching. If you register after 1 May, VU Matching will be different. The programme will then decide whether you can be admitted.

Take part in the online VU Matching Activity if the programme organizes one. Visit the degree programme homepage for more information about the matching activity.

What is the VU Matching Programme?
After registering in Studielink, the first step in the VU Matching Programme is to fill in a digital questionnaire. This can be done via the VUnet portal and is part of the enrolment process at VU Amsterdam. The questionnaire will help you to reflect on your chosen degree programme. Then you will take part in a programme-specific matching activity. This will involve an online activity that will give you a realistic picture of your chosen programme. The VU Matching questionnaire is compulsory, while the activity is compulsory for some programmes, there are no costs involved.
Tuition fees for International Bachelor’s programmes vary for EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students.

Financial help is available to international Bachelor's degree students through DUO student finance.
Other finance options can be found on the website Study in Holland.

For US students there are also several loan programmes available:

  • Direct Loan Programme
  • Salliemae Smart Option Loan
  • Veteran Affairs Aid Benefit

Be prepared before you arrive: find a place to live, get your visa/residence permit and find out how to register with the local authorities.
Your first days and weeks in Amsterdam will be filled with new experiences, new people and a few practical considerations too. Check what you need to do when you arrive at VU Amsterdam.

Every Bachelor's degree programme has its own International Student Advisor. 

If you have a specific question about applying with a non-Dutch diploma you can contact your programme ISA (International Student Advisor). The ISA will help you with practicalities about your bachelor admission and support you throughout the application process.
The International Support Assistant will inform you when your application is complete. 


School of Business and Economics

- Econometrics and Operations Research: Econometrics and Data Science
- Econometrics and Operations Research: Econometrics and Operations Research
- Economics and Business Economics
- International Business Administration
+31 20 598421

Tessa de Jong
Faculty of Science

- Artificial Intelligence
- Biomedical Sciences
- Business Analytics
- Computer Science
- Mathematics
+31 20 5984212
+31 20 5985284

Julia Tan
Kim Daamen
Faculty of Humanities

- Communication and Information Studies: Language and Media
- Communication and Information Studies: Language Learning 
   and Language Teaching
- History: History and International Studies
- Literature and Society: English
- Philosophy

John Stuart Mill College:
- Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
+31 20 5985641
+31 20 5985641
Rosa VijftigschildRosa
Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences

+31 20 5982883
Frieda SchaufeliFrieda
Faculty of Social Sciences

- Communication Science
- Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
- Political Science: Global Politics
+31 20 5985073
Gijs van Ierssel
Faculty of Law

- Law in
+31 20 5985073
Gijs van Ierssel
Application Support
International Support Assistant
+31 20 5985284Kim Daamen

Amsterdam University College (AUC)

- Liberal Arts and


Have a question for a current student? Curious about everyday life in Amsterdam, from our campus to the food, music and events going on throughout the city? Want to know how much homework you will have each night, or how the Dutch educational system differs from your own? Ask one of our VU Ambassadors! They would love to answer your questions by sharing their personal experiences of living and studying at VU Amsterdam. You can visit the Student Ambassador's page to find a student you would like to speak to.

For specific questions related to VU programmes, deadlines, the application process, or diploma validity you can find information on our main website or contact your faculty's International Student Advisor (ISA).

Would you like to know more about the international programmes or maybe even come along to find out for yourself what studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is like? You are very welcome to meet us! VU Amsterdam is organising various events and activities for prospective students.

Meet us at open days in Amsterdam

We regularly organise open days at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for students that are interested in studying in Amsterdam. You are welcome to come and check out the various Bachelor Programmes that VU Amsterdam has to offer and find the programme you are looking for! For a personal meeting, you can contact your International Student Advisor for all the information you need.

Meet us in your own country

VU Amsterdam is frequently present at international education fairs around the world. It will be a pleasure to meet you at our stand! Please join one of our presentations, take a brochure or flyer and ask our colleagues and alumni about all that you need to know about studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Here you can find an overview of the fairs where you can meet us soon.

We are represented abroad by a number of cultural institutions and education recruitment agents. We have contracted our agents to recruit and inform prospective students about the degree opportunities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. These organizations are reliable and will do their utmost to handle our student's application files with care.
Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Thailand and VietnamNuffic Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nuffic Nesos) Nuffic is the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education. Nuffic Nesos operate in locations around the world.

Edvance Education International
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Bldg. E, 2/F
1, Wangjing Zhonghuan Nanlu
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100102
PR China
T: (+86) 10 8417 7407 ext 205
Netherlands-Flemish Institute for Archaeology and Arabic Studies in Cairo (NVIC)
1, Dr. Mahmoud Azmi Street
P.O. Box 50, 11211 Zamalek Cairo Egypt
T +20 2 7382520/22
F +20 2 7382523
Netherlands Insitute Athens (NIA)
Makri 11
117 42 Athens Greece
T +30 210 9210760/1
F +30 210 9210770
Dutch University Institute for Art History Florence
Viale Torricelli 5, 50125 Firenze Italy
T +39 055 221612
F +39 055 221106
Netherlands Institute in Rome
Via Omero 10/12, 00197 Roma Italy
T +39 06 3269621
F +39 06 3204971
Dutch Institute Abroad
Kyobashi Plaza Bldg 3F
25-3 Ginza 1-Chome
Chuo-Ku Tokyo Japan 104-0061
T +3 3567 2123
F +3 3567 5658
Netherlands Institute in Saint Petersburg (NIP)
Kaluzhsky Pereulok 3
193015 St. Petersburg Russia
T +7 812 327 0887
F +7 812 118 1939
Join In Campus Education Pvt Ltd
Avani Trivedi
74, Alexander Crescent,
Otara, Auckland -2023
T: +64 226973037
 RussiaSouth Korea
Student International
Olga Krivileva
115054, Russia, Moscow,
Schipok Str 20, office 306-308
T: +7 495 956 1576/1575 ext.112
TNS Worldwide co.
Hojin Kang
Ltd. Headquarters –Seoul, Korea
3F Samhaeng Bldg, 18 Gangnam-daero 94-gil,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-932 South Korea
T: 82-2-3288-1733~1735
Atlas Education Services
Ervina Savitri
DBS Bank Tower, 28th fl. Ciputra World One
kav. 3-5, Jakarta 12940;
T:+62 21 29 888 258;
Sylvia van Glabbeek
Bogotá, Colombia
T +57 312 544 8689 WORKING

At VU Amsterdam we want to provide the best possible support to all our students. We understand that you, as a parent or school counsellor, play a vital role in the decision making process that your child is going through in preparing for university life. We have summarized the information you need in order to guide your child or student through this process.

The success of our graduates in their careers shows the quality of our Bachelor and Master programmes and contributes to the reputation of VU Amsterdam. VU Amsterdam offers a wide range of career services to international students in order to increase their chances of success when taking their first steps into the (Dutch) labor market.

VU University Amsterdam offers students the possibility to study abroad for one semester, without paying additional tuition fees. In addition, courses that you take abroad can count towards your degree at home. Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to get to know another culture, build an international network, experience another educational system and take courses that are not offered at VU University Amsterdam.

Available places can be found all over the world, depending on your study programme. If you want to know where you can spend a semester abroad, please have a look at the VU World Map.
VU Amsterdam believes it is very important during the first year of your studies to make sure that you have chosen the right study programme. We are convinced that this has a positive effect on your ability to successfully complete the programme within a reasonable time frame. This is why the university has decided to introduce a binding study advice (BSA) on continuation of studies for all Bachelor’s programmes*.

What does the binding study advice entail?

The BSA means that all Bachelor’s students will be given advice on their study progress on four occasions during their first year. The fourth recommendation, issued at the end of the first year, is binding in nature. In the course of your first year, you must attain a certain number of credits. This number varies depending on the study programme.

If you do not manage to attain the minimum number of credits during your first year, you will not be permitted to continue your studies in that particular programme at VU Amsterdam.

Coaching and supervision

Of course, you do not have to face these challenges alone. VU Amsterdam has organized its study programmes in such a way that we can work together to achieve the best results. In your first year, you will receive intensive coaching and supervision from mentors and/or tutors. The study advisor also keeps a close watch on your progress. If your results do not meet the mandatory requirements, you will receive coaching and supervision in deciding whether to stop your studies or transfer to another programme. Naturally, we take account of special circumstances such as illness and other personal issues.

We provide high-quality teaching which sets high standards for our students and our teaching staff. For exceptional students, we have developed special resources such as programmes of excellence, honours tracks and a special scheme for top athletes. 

The exact regulations and the number of credits that have to be attained in the first Bachelor’s year vary according to the study programme. To find out more, go to the website of your own study programme (see top of page).

* With the exception of the Bachelor’s programmes in Liberal Arts and Sciences (AUC)

At VU Amsterdam we find it important that you can study successfully during your time as a student. However, you may sometimes have questions, directly or indirectly related to your studies, which could affect your academic progress. At VU Amsterdam there are various student counselors who provide advice and guidance.

You can contact your programme or faculty’s academic advisor for questions about the curriculum, personal study guidance and study advice. The academic advisor could for example help you with questions about study skills problems or study delay. Also, if you have a disability (e.g. dyslexia or a (chronic) illness), you can approach your academic advisor for advice and to arrange any special facilities you may need.

The student counsellor provides support, advice and information about matters not directly related to the content of your degree programme, e.g. student financing and DUO- regulations; requests for financial assistance; applications for private bursaries; financial difficulties; combining study with elite sport or outstanding performance in another field; early unenrolment and/or discontinuing your studies; urgent accommodation issues and personal matters.

Contact the student psychological counsellors if you are experiencing a lack of motivation, fear of failure, a tendency to procrastinate or other psychological issues. They also organize workshops and training courses.

Specific guidance

  • The programme STUDENTS-4-STUDENTS@VU offers you the opportunity to pair up with a study partner who can support you if you are finding it hard to settle in at VU Amsterdam or if you need advice from someone with a little more experience. 
  • Peer Support / Studying Together gives you the opportunity to meet other students to study together at the VU Amsterdam or somewhere else.
  • Parents & Children provides advice, support and motivation for mothers, fathers and parents-to-be.
  • Student Carers is there when you worry about and/or take care of a sick family member. You can approach your programme’s academic advisor and/or student psychological counsellor for guidance and advice.

Studying with a disability

At VU Amsterdam, we feel that everyone should be empowered to learn, and we provide assistance to students with disabilities to help them get the most out of themselves and their time studying with us. In this context, a disability means a physical handicap, (chronic) illness, dyslexia or mental disability.

You can approach your academic advisor for advice and the arrangement of any special facilities you may need, such as extra examination time; locker; laptop; parking pass; access to the quiet zone; usage of the storage room; wheelchair facilities in lecture halls or access to lifts and buildings.

Specific guidance and counseling is available for students with ASD.