Philosophy, Politics and Economics


PPE is a three year programme of study, with each year divided into two semesters. The first year provides foundational courses in philosophy, politics and economics as well as instruction mathematical methods and interdisciplinary study. 

In the second year you chose two of the PPE disciplines for a more focused study. Students who wish to study all three disciplines may join the honours programme. In the first semester of year two you take required courses in your selected disciplines and in the second semester you can opt for a wide range of elective courses. 

Finally, the third year begins with either international study or an internship and ends with a bachelor’s thesis and applied, interdisciplinary project.

More detailed information about programme is available in the online study guide.


Methods of PPE I Foundations of Microeconomics
Political Science: State, Power, Conflict
PPE in Practice I History of Philosophy
Methods of PPE II Comparative Politics
Development of Macroeconomic Thought
PPE in Practice II

Required (depending on Track)
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Political Institutions
International Relations
Microeconomics and Methods
Macroeconomics and Policy
PPE in Practice III
PPE in Practice IV

Ethics II: Autonomy, Freedom and Responsibility
Methods of PPE III
History of Philosophy II: Plato's Republic
Political Philosophy II: Global Justice
Methods of PPE III
The European Union: Institutions, Politics and Policy
Welfare State Reform Politics
Comparative Politics II: Political Communication
Global Political Economy
International Trade and Development Economics
Methods of PPE III
Public Economics
Behavioural Economics
Institutional Economics

First Semester
Either Study Abroad, or Internship

Second Semester
BA Thesis and Policy Brief

Vlog PPE-students #2

A day out of the life of a VU PPE student