VU Matching

Check if you made the right choice

We are pleased that you have chosen to study at VU Amsterdam. You will soon be embarking on your academic studies. Before you do so, it is important to reflect once more on the degree programme that you have selected. Choosing the right programme means that you are more likely to complete it successfully and go on to a successful career. VU Amsterdam also believes that it is important that you fit into our programme and the university. VU Matching is the final stage of this process, ensuring that you have made the right choice.
The Dutch government requires Matching for all students, Dutch and international. There are no costs involved and the results are an advise, not binding, if you apply before 1 May.

VU Matching involves two steps:

  1. The matching questionnaire. We will invite you to complete a questionnaire that will give you a better understanding of yourself as a person. Do your interests and talents correspond with the degree programme that you have chosen? And do you have the right study skills? After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a personalized recommendation so that you can reflect on your choice of degree programme.
  2. The matching activity. The matching activity will give you a realistic impression of the degree programme. You can take part in an online activity or you can complete a digital matching activity such as an online lecture or an assignment. The activity allows you to experience whether the programme is really the right one for you, enabling you to make your final decision with confidence.

You can participate in VU Matching in the following way: 

  • First log in to VUnet. You will find the matching questionnaire in the VUnet student portal. After you have applied in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail asking you to log in to VUnet. Remember to apply on time (before 1 May) and to log in to VUnet. This is very important!
  • Completing the questionnaire is compulsory for almost all degree programmes. Complete the questionnaire as soon as possible after you have applied in Studielink. For some programmes, participation in the matching activity is a compulsory part of enrolment and registration. Read the information on the programme homepage to find out which requirements apply for your programme.
  • Registration after 1 May. Below you can read which aspects of the VU Matching Programme could change for you if you apply for your programme after 1 May.

See the degree programme homepage for more information about the matching programme and the matching requirements for your programme. VU Matching is for anyone who enrols for the first year of a Bachelor's degree programme. If you apply for multiple programmes at VU Amsterdam, you will need to complete the matching process for all of them. VU Matching also applies if you participate in the matching programme of another institution. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • For programmes with a selection procedure, different application and registration procedures may apply. Read the Admission Requirements for further information on the matching or selection procedure.
  • For students who have received a binding recommendation on continuation of studies, the following applies:
    - If you apply for a higher education programme after 1 May and you have received a negative recommendation on continuation of studies after 1 May of the same calendar year, the matching requirements for the relevant programme apply, but only if the matching activity is still scheduled before the start of the new academic year.
    - If no matching activity is scheduled, you may be exempted from the matching requirements. If you have applied for a higher education programme before 1 May and you receive a negative recommendation on continuation of studies after 1 May, you cannot be exempted from the matching requirements.

If you have taken part in VU Matching but you will not start your programme this year, you will need to participate in the matching programme again next year because the results of VU Matching are only valid for one year. If you are already studying at VU Amsterdam and you wish to switch to another programme, VU Matching will also apply to you. If you have interrupted your studies and wish to continue with the same programme, you do not have to undergo matching.

If you have applied in Studielink before 1 May, the matching recommendation is not binding, just an advise. You can proceed with your chosen programme provided you meet all the other admission requirements and have completed your registration.
If you apply after 1 May, the programme will decide whether you can proceed. Some programmes will require you to participate in a late-registration activity, and you may be rejected on the basis of the matching recommendation. See the degree programme homepage for more information about the Admission Requirements.

Is it possible to be exempted and if so, what do I need to do to be exempted?
Please contact the programme. To find out how, see the degree programme homepage.

I have been sent a reminder to complete the questionnaire, but I have already done this/the questionnaire is stuck. What should I do?
Please contact student services by mailing

I have not received the results of the questionnaire. What has gone wrong?
The results of the questionnaire will be sent to you at the e-mail address you provided in Studielink. Please remember to check your spam folder. The report can also be accessed on VUnet, some time after you complete the questionnaire, under My Study Administration> Complete application procedure> List of applications.
If you have any other questions about VU Matching, please refer to the information on the degree programme homepage under Admission Requirements. If you cannot find the answer there, please contact student services.

How does the VU deal with personal data in online matching?
Our privacy practices and the way we deal with personal data is outlined in a Privacy statement