Selection-based programmes

How to apply

Most of the programmes taught in English are not subject to selection procedures. However, for some bachelor’s degree programmes there are more students applying than places available. In this case a selection procedure applies. You will be selected on the basis of your results and the achieved results/scores of the tests during the selection procedures.

Number of placesMax. number of times participating in the selection at VU Amsterdam*
Criminologie (Dutch)130
Geneeskunde (Dutch)350
Psychology (Dutch /English)
Tandheelkunde (Dutch)

* The number of times you participated in the selection procedure before 2019 will be taken into account. 

** The number of places for Psychology is the Dutch and English taught program combined.

If you intend to start one of these degree programmes in September 2020 please pay attention to the key dates below:

  • Application deadline: 15 January 2020
  • Complete your application in VUnet and provide personal data: 31 January 2020
  • Publication of the selection results: 15 April 2020
  • Meet the admission criteria and pay the tuition fees: 15 July 2020

Consider carefully which degree programme suits your preferences and also explore a possible alternative.


In the period following 16 January your admission request will be evaluated for the degree programme(s) of your choice. Qualified candidates proceed to the selection rounds and will be selected on the basis of (grade) results and the achieved results/scores of the tests during the selection procedures. Some entrance exams will require you to travel to the university, others can be taken online. 

In March and April the final selection of prospective students will be made and the successful applicants are awarded a conditional offer.

On 15 April you will receive your ranking number via Studielink. This ranking number gives you an indication of your chances of obtaining an allocated place in the degree programme. If your ranking number gives you the right to an allocated place, you will have 14 days to accept this allocated place via Studielink. In theory you can receive a ranking number for two studies, but you can only accept one allocated place, so you have to make a choice. Allocated places that are not accepted (in time) will become available to other selected candidates. In order to be unconditionally admitted to the degree programme you have to meet the entry- and enrolment requirements, such as providing a certified copy of your diploma and showing sufficient scores on proficiency or entry-tests. 

From the academic year 2017-2018 there will no longer be places reserved for scholars living in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom or the Nederlandse Antilles. Direct placement to a programme with selection procedure based on cum laude qualifications (comparable to an average of 8.0 or higher) is also no longer possible.

In the event that you fail your final examination, but were allocated a place at VU, this chance will be included in the count for at maximum of 3 selection times unless you contact the VU in time with a request for correction before the 1st of September. The year after you may participate in the selection procedure again, if you choose to apply for the same bachelor’s degree programme, and you will still have your 3 chances.
More information on selection-based application procedures in the Netherlands

In Studielink, you can apply for two programmes per year for which admissions are determined by selection. You can apply for a similar programme at different universities, with the exception of Geneeskunde and Tandheelkunde. You can’t apply for Geneeskunde or Tandheelkunde at two different universities. A combination of Geneeskunde and Tandheelkunde is allowed though.

You can participate in the selection procedure for a particular programme up to a maximum of three times. The VU Amsterdam has set further limitations on how many times you can participate in the selection procedure:

Max. number of times participating in the selection at VU Amsterdam*
Criminologie (Dutch)
Geneeskunde (Dutch)
Psychology (Dutch/ English)
Tandheelkunde (Dutch)
  • The number of times you participated in the selection procedure before 2019 will be taken into account.
  • If you do not participate in the selection procedure and omit to cancel your application in Studielink before 15 January, you will lose a selection attempt.
  • If do participate in the selection procedure but you don't pass your final examinations for secondary education, you lose a selection attempt. You can in this case submit a request to correct this by sending an email to before 1 September. If you want to apply next year, you will again have to participate in the selection procedure, but you still have the maximum number of selection attempts.

Step-by-step Application procedure

Step 1 is to create an enrolment application in Studielink (the Dutch national education application system). The deadline is 15 January 2020.

Please note: Only if you already live in the Netherlands, you will need a DigiD. DigiD applications take up to two weeks: apply for DigiD.

Log in to Studielink and create a new enrolment application for the study programme you wish to follow.

Important points when creating an enrolment application

  • When using login details for creating an enrolment application in Studielink, please select Apply for username and password.
  • Make sure that the e-mail address you fill in in Studielink (My details) is correct: you will receive important notices concerning your enrolment via this address.
  • Please enter your prior education (on the basis of which your application will be judged) correctly.
  • Enter your payment details so that the correct tuition fee can be calculated. This does not generate an automatic payment. 
  • After entering your prior education in Studielink, please verify whether under My prior education it says 'diploma verified by an educational institution (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)'. Is this not the case? Then hand in a certified copy of your diploma or an official declaration of graduation from your institution at the Student Administration of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

After your application in Studielink, you have to meet the programme specific selection criteria. This can be handing in documents, registering for a selection day or another criterion.

Please check the page of the degree programme of your choice for the selection criteria.

In order to upload the required documents and complete your application, you will need to log into VUnet, the Vrije Universiteit student portal. We advise you to do this as soon as possible after applying in Studielink.

After you complete your enrolment application in Studielink you will receive a VUnet-ID (username and password) in two separate e-mails sent to the address you entered in Studielink. This may take up to two working days. If you have not received your login details, please first check your spam. If you are still unable to locate them, then contact the UCIT service desk on or +31 20 598 0000.

Once you have received these login details, log in to VUnet, complete your application by answering the questions asked and upload documents as requested.

This will include uploading a copy of your passport or identity card if we cannot verify your personal details automatically. Handing in a copy of your passport before 31 January is required to be able to participate in the selection. If you do not hand in your document in time your request for enrolment will be cancelled and you can’t take part in the selection procedure and you lose your selection attempt.

On 15 April 2020, you will receive the results of the selection. If your rank number grants you a spot, you need to accept it within two weeks via Studielink. Spots that have not been accepted on time, will be passed on to the next person on the ranking list. 

This does not immediately grant admission. To be admitted to the programme, you still have to meet the general educational and specific educational requirements and pay the tuition fees in time.

After you have been selected and have accepted your spot within two weeks, you must proof to meet the admission criteria. This means that you have to hand in certified proof that you meet the general and specific educational requirements for the programme you have been selected for.

The deadline for handing in proof that you meet the admission criteria is 15 July 2020.

Hand in the certified proof of your prior education at the Student Desk:
- Diploma(s) and academic records(s);
- Official translation of your diploma(s) and academic record(s) if these are not in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish;
- Proof of language tests

You can certify the copies of your documents at your school, university or notary and send them to:
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Study and Student Administration
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

If you are already in The Netherlands, you may bring your documents to the Student Desk in the central hall of the main building of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, open every working day between 10.30-17.00. There you can also certify the copies of your documents. You must bring your original documents and a copy of each document. Digital copies and uncertified copies are not accepted by the Student Desk. 

List of diploma's that grant access to bachelor programmes in Dutch

Make sure you pay the tuition fees before the deadline, otherwise you will not be enrolled and will not be able to start your study programme in September. You can do this from 15 May. The deadline is 15 July 2020.

You can also give direct debit authorization for payment if you have a SEPA bank account. Please be sure to confirm the direct debit authorization in Studielink on time. The (first) installment won't be deducted from your account until September.

Tuition fee rates and payment instructions

Please check carefully whether your enrolment is complete. You will receive a confirmation email from Studielink once you are fully enrolled. Your enrolment is not completed until you have received this confirmation email and you status in Studielink is 'enrolled'.

Two to four weeks after your enolment is completed, you will receive a declaration of enrolment by post. If you have uploaded a correct photo on VUnet, you will also receive a student card. If you already live in the Netherlands the documents are sent to your correspondence address, otherwise you can pick it up at the Student Desk after you receive an email that it's ready. You need these documents to identify yourself at exams.



For questions please contact the Student Desk.

De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

T:+31 20 59 85020 (opening hours)